Will Bill Keller's Multi-Platform Approach Pay Off?

It’s an article, it’s a Nook! It’s Bill Keller’s Wikileaks piece available online, in print and for download.

The 8,000 word opus went online on Wednesday, will appear in the NYT Magazine on Sunday and, for $5.99, can be read on the Nook as “Open Secret: Wikileaks, War and American Diplomacy.

The Nook edition is being published using PubIt!, Barnes& Noble’s self-publishing platform. The Nook book, which only became available for pre-order earlier this week, has already reached No. 86 on Barnes & Noble’s Nook top sellers list.

In addition to executive editor Keller’s essay, the Nook edition includes a collection of Wikileaks articles from the paper, detailed analysis of the leaked documents, opinion pieces by Frank Rich and Maureen Dowd, “expanded” profiles of Assange and suspected Army source Bradley Manning, and all the Wikileak documents already posted on the Times website, as well as 27 new ones.

It’s an interesting approach that shows The Times gaining savvy as a multi-platform publisher. Time will tell if readers reach for their wallets, or simply spend more time with the search function on the newspaper’s website.

  Will Bill Keller's Multi-Platform Approach Pay Off?