Winners and Losers: Chamber/PVSC edition


Chris Christie

The governor hastened the sinking Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission when he dropped an anvil on the organization this week, telling the commissioners to get lost or risk further humiliation in the press. The six he wanted out – three Dems and three Republicans – all left.

Brendan and Ruth Byrne

The spry 86-year-old former governor cheerfully made the State Chamber of Commerce train ride both down to D.C. and back at the behest of his wife. He received a double standing ovation at the dinner.

Ted Sherman

The veteran Star-Ledger reporter showed that the ailing news profession has a pulse with his outstanding series exposing the decrepit underbelly of the Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission.

Wayne Forrest

The tough guy former Somerset County GOP prosecutor has already scrubbed out the upper echelons of a decayed sewerage commission. “Not many people frighten me – this guy scares me,” noted one PVSC employee.

Ken Lucianin

The Passaic Valley Sewerage Commissioner from the City of Passaic was the only one of seven the governor did not tell to leave his post as a consequence of the Star-Ledger’s breaking news coverage on the patronage excesses of the commission.


With smaller dimers stymied by Pay-to-Play restrictions, big time developers and engineers formed the nucleus of power seeking to carve out a more permanent place at the trough on this year’s Chamber of Commerce trip. 

Chris Smith

The dean of the New Jersey Congressional delegation as usual projected gravitas as he stayed above the fray and managed to squeeze job creation and Chinese human rights abuses into the same chamber speech.

John Wisniewski

The good-natured state Democratic Party chairman showed good humor at Woodley Park after a post highlighted the query of a clueless  train rider wondering where the busy Wisniewksi has been lately and why he doesn’t hear anymore about the high-visibility Middlesex pol.



The Taxpayers of New Jersey

Yes, it was good that we witnessed the beheading of the Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission this week, but the indulgent fun continued in D.C. as a train packed with lobbyists unloaded on politicians properly liquored up at the hotel bar.

Bill Flynn

The Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission headed for the exits wearing goat horns as others on the commission blamed him for inciting a volatile, impatient governor.

Garrett Smith

The Union County Prosecutor’s Office this week indicted the mayor of Roselle on charges of insurance fraud. On its face, this appears to be an organization-annointing of Councilman Jamel Holley as the next mayor, but Smith’s allies insist the mayor intends to fight and – with the help of Civil Rights attorney Tom Ashley – prove that the machine is unjustly grinding him down in an election year. “Energized,” was how a Smith inner circle source described the mayor.

Carl Czaplicki

Spotted at the bar of the Marriott on the Chamber trip, the ousted Passaic Valley Sewerage Commissioner repeatedly made the point that the commission hired his wife and cousin before the ban on nepotism.

Michael Kasparian

After getting trampled in elections in back to back cycles, the troubled Bergen County Democratic Organization chairman signaled this week that he’s done as chairman.

John Girgenti

The veteran state senator watched as Bill Flynn, his chief ally and backer on the Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission, went belly up with the rest of them, riding a wave of defiance on his way out the door.

Brian Stack

The mayor of Union City went into Boss Hogg mode in a report by Fox News reporter Arnold Diaz that blew the top off of Stack’s ex-wife’s use of public dime resources.  Winners and Losers: Chamber/PVSC edition