With mid-terms looming, lawmakers file finance reports

With mid-term elections just nine months away and what promises to be a lively primary season just 3 months down the road, lawmakers last week filed their final finance reports of 2010 – at least most of them did.

In the assembly,  Speaker Sheila Oliver had not filed her 2010 report as of the January 18 deadline, while Majority Leader Joe Cryan (D- Union City) posted a hefty $107,463 on hand after raising $88,950 last quarter.

Democratic State Chairman John Wisniewski retains $92,881 on hand after raising nearly $90,000 in the final quarter of 2010.

On the Republican side of the aisle, Minority Leader Alex DeCroce raised $22,140 in the fourth quarter giving him $157,743 on hand.  Conference Leader Jon Bramnick raised $25,190 and retains just over $87,000 on hand.

Former Republican State Committee Chairman Jay Webber reported $110,000 on hand after raising $9,600 last quarter.

Other assembly members:

Vince Polistina (R-2nd)  Will challenge for the 2nd district Senate seat -$135,148 on hand, $20,425 raised in fourth quarter 2010.

Wayne DeAngelo (D-14th) Along with newly minted Assemblyman Dan Benson will no doubt face a challenge from Republicans looking to regain a foothold in the 14th.  $47,849 on hand after raising nothing in the fourth quarter.

Dan Benson  (D-14th) Sworn in earlier this year after winning a committee fight for the seat vacated by newly-elected Sen. Linda Greenstein, Benson has about $32,000 on hand trnasferred from his days as a Mercer County freeholder.

Lou Greenwald (D-6th) The Assembly Budget Committee Chairman, who is always rumored to be on the lookout for a potential run for higher office, raised $63,475 and holds $281,856 on hand.





With mid-terms looming, lawmakers file finance reports