A ‘Clarion Call’ Music Video in Support of the Bronx [VIDEO]

In the wake of Glenn Beck’s comparison of the Bronx Co-op City to a failed socialist state and American Idol’s unflattering portrayal of the borough, Bronx nonprofit group Bronxnet has released a music video with an “Original Bronx Anthem” calling on borough residents to support and defend their neighborhood.

The video, which kicked off Borough President Ruben Diaz’s State of the Borough Address yesterday, features footage of Bronx landmarks, scenery, community events, and famous residents.

“When they showed excerpts of the Bronx in a minute and a half, what they essentially did was they disrespected us in the Bronx,” Diaz said of American Idol’s portrayal of the area. “They erased two and a half decades of hard work by elected officials, by community leaders, community organizations. We’re so tired of being depicted in a negative light.”

The video’s rap is inter-cut with snippets of testimonials by such Bronxites as author Mary Higgins Clark and Raging Bull actress Cathy Moriarty-Gentile. Here are a couple of snippets of the anthem’s lyrics:

“So we made it a hot song for the people to take notice

Some of the most influential people came from this borough

Like Colin Powell, Ralph Lauren and Al Pacino”

“You can be who you wanna be if you from out here

Supreme Court judge, like Sonia Sotomayor

There may be struggles

But there’s love in my borough”


Video in full below.


A ‘Clarion Call’ Music Video in Support of the Bronx [VIDEO]