Ackerman: Rumors of Mubarak’s Resignation ‘A Sadistic Tease-Up’

“Wow,” said Congressman Gary Ackerman with a sigh, after watching Hosni Mubarak’s statement this afternoon that he won’t be resigning. “We were ready for one historic announcement and then we got a different one.”

Ackerman was on MSNBC’s The Dylan Ratigan Show watching the developments live and was visibly surprised at Mubarak’s defiance.

“I think it was almost like a sadistic move, the rumor that was going around that he was going to make an announcement that everybody seemed ready to accept as his final goodbye, was instead a sadistic tease-up to the crowd to make this announcement,” he said.

“And it seems to me like he might have just lit the final fuse. This thing has been on a slow burn for quite awhile. And now I think the situation is going to border on the explosive over the next 24 to 48 hours.”

Asked about the quality of United States’ intelligence, Ackerman said we only really know that nearly every country in the Middle East is nervous. “The Street is watching this very carefully, governments are very carefully watching this, ruling families are on the edge of their seats, and everybody is taking a different message from this,” he said.


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Ackerman: Rumors of Mubarak’s Resignation ‘A Sadistic Tease-Up’