Are You a Jerk? Fred Wilson Will Work With You

If The Social Network is to be believed, entrepreneurs’ personalities tend to range from the charming Justin Timberlake ne’er do well to the hyperambitious social cretin played by Jesse Eisenberg.

Fortunately for the startup-inclined, Union Square Ventures’ Fred Wilson relishes the chance to work with people from across the personability spectrum.

Mr. Wilson observes that most often, a venture capitalist will make money by working with people who are “brilliant” but “hard to get along with.” Guys who are more mellow but not that bright, meanwhile, don’t tend to be that profitable. As such, it’s much more important to accept that early-stage investing means transacting with some difficult people.

The reality of startup investing is that the greatest entrepreneurs are almost always challenging in some way or another. It is never easy to work with them. But they can and do make great things happen and it is often worth every aggravation to be invited along for the ride, whether you are an investor or a management team member.

Clench your jaw, grin and bear it, and in return you’ll get access to exciting new ideas and the potential to make some serious dough.

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Are You a Jerk? Fred Wilson Will Work With You