At the Vs Magazine Party, Rising Pop Starlet Cover Girl Sky Ferreira Decides She Can Be Sexy

Walking down the steps to the Kenmare basement last night, The Observer saw singer Sky Ferreira, eighteen and perhaps a pop star in the making, leaning over with one arm tethering that explosion of blond hair, a gem-studded silver necklace spreading like cracked glass just above her chest. Her mouth was open in an oval and her lips were painted grapefruit red. She was looking right at us.

We saw Sky Ferreira by one of the center columns, we saw her behind the bar, and we saw her in front of the DJ booths. We saw Sky Ferreira everywhere because Kenmare had plastered the cover she did with the super-glossy Vs magazine all around, ensuring that the up-and-coming pop starlet — Entertainment Weekly named her to its “11 to Watch in 2011” list — would be looming over all the revelers.

The real Sky Ferreira was there, too. Vs had the party to celebrate Ms. Ferreira’s cover for this month’s issue, the theme of which is “Curious.” The Observer squeezed into a spot next to her in a walled-off nook, where she sat with her friend Cory Kennedy and a few others. Compared to that cover — that cover — she dressed modest in a gray t-shirt, but still had that thick-swooped mess of hair to dutifully collapse down over her shoulder.

As if it would ever be a question, we confirmed that Kenmare makes exceptions for someone like the young Ms. Ferreira.

“Um — yeah-yeah-yeah I’ve been here a few times,” she said as Van Halen’s “Jump” played in the background. “I went here a lot, like, earlier this summer.”

Ms. Ferreira just moved to Union Square from the East Village, so she’s not too far away.

“It’s all, like, new and nice,” she said of her new apartment. “Before, my other place was just like terrible, ’cause the thing is I just moved in there because I needed to find a place to live.”

We noticed another blown-up Vs staring out at us, and asked the cover girl about that photo.

“It’s so funny because I’m not, like, sexy!” she said, breaking into a little giggle fit. “So it’s like funny that the shoots are, like, tongue in cheek.”

We took another glance and asked for some much-needed clarification on that last comment.

“I mean, I can be sexy, just not in that way. Like I’ve never, you know, never worn knee-highs and underwear before in front of, like, everyone in the world.”

She stopped herself, looked up and once again brushed back that hair.

“I feel like there’s times… — I can be sexy. I can be. I guess that’s the best way to say it.”

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At the Vs Magazine Party, Rising Pop Starlet Cover Girl Sky Ferreira Decides She Can Be Sexy