Barbara, Get Your Gun [Video]

Real estate queen Barabara Corcoran has been appearing on the Today show since 2007, as its real estate expert, doling out tips, tricks and deals and also answering callers’ questions.

This morning, the show got a call from a person in New Hampshire complaining about a run-down home across the street, which the caller complained was ruining values in the neighborhood. To this, Corcoran, tough New Yorker that she is, responded, “get a gun and kill the guy.” As The Wrap noted, the video was removed by NBC, but Snohomish broker Gilbert Peralta had his trusty DVR ready and caught the segment. Al Roker’s shocked expression alone is priceless.

Now, of course, Corcoran was kidding, but that was not enough for angry viewers, as an NBC rep explained to The Observer. “We removed the video on our website in response to the viewers’ comments, and we posted this: ‘We agree it was inappropriate and have taken the segment off the site,'” Meghan Kopf wrote in an email. In the age of Fort Hood and Gabrielle Giffords, such “jokes” are no longer funny.

This is not the first time Corcoran has made a mistake on the Today show, even if she did not realize it at the time. Back when she joined the show, Corcoran insisted on numerous occasions that there was no bubble or that the worst was behind us.

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Barbara, Get Your Gun [Video]