Bill to Gut U.N. Security Funding Dies on Floor of Congress

A Republican-led effort to take $100 million in security funding away from the United Nations complex in Turtle Bay failed to achieve the necessary two-thirds vote to pass the House of Representatives today.

Long Island Congressman Peter King and Staten Island Congressman Michael Grimm were the only two Republicans to vote against the measure. Yesterday, King called the bill a “three-fer” for his Republican colleagues since it included a spending cut, New York City, and the United Nations.

Today New York’s congressional delegation hailed the bill’s defeat.

“This bill would have been a terrible blow to security efforts in New York, the world’s number-one terrorist target,” said Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, who represents the area, in a statement. “Some members of Congress may not like the U.N. – but that’s not a good enough reason to try to claw back necessary funding for the U.N.’s security budget.”

The bill failed 259-169. Proponents needed 290 to pass. The measure was part of majority leader Eric Cantor’s YouCut initiative and represents the second straight day that the new majority under new House Speaker John Boehner failed to pass a signature initiative.



Bill to Gut U.N. Security Funding Dies on Floor of Congress