Bloomberg Talks Guns, Madoff and President Trump [VIDEO]

Mike Bloomberg snagged a prime early-bird spot on Good Morning America today to tout the latest initiative of Mayor’s Against Illegal Guns: a truck that will tour the country advertising a running total of gun-related deaths.

Host George Stephanopoulos also took the time to ask the mayor what he thought  of Bernie Madoff’s jailhouse interview, in which he claimed that banks had to know of his fraud.

“I don’t know who knew what. What I do know is Bernie did it,” the mayor said.

And he said that investors who put the money with Madoff should have suspected that something was up.

“Anybody thinks that they can beat the market long term by an awful lot is just being unrealistic,” Bloomberg said. “But I think the lesson is a lesson that your mother told you and my mother told me a long time ago: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”

Bloomberg also said that he thought the federal government should re-start the way it deals with the budget by starting with which programs are vital for the country in the future and then figure out a way to fund them, instead of figuring how to allocate the money they have.

And the mayor hedged on a question of whether or not new revenues are needed. He has argued strenuously against raising city taxes, citing the fear that the highest income earners would simply move elsewhere, but obviously that logic would not hold for the federal government.

Finally, Bloomberg was asked what he thinks of the rumors of a Donald Trump presidential bid.

His response? “America is a wonderful country.”

Bloomberg Talks Guns, Madoff and President Trump [VIDEO]