Brooklyn Is the Land of Sexual Adventure

New York and OkCupid have teamed up to create a Valentine’s Day heat map of horny NYers.

The data dynamos from OkCupid looked at how likely users from each zip code were to respond to online flirtations, as well as how they answered questions like, “If it were up to you, how often would you have sex?”

Turns out there is a corridor of lust running east through Kings County, and kinkiness accelerates the further out one goes on the L train. “The deeper into Brooklyn you go, the hornier people get,” says OKCupid cofounder Christian Rudder. “It runs along Bushwick Avenue to Pennsylvania Ave. To the sea.” In terms of enthusiasm for sex, meanwhile, Manhattan’s NYU area and East Village win the borough, but can only hold their own with the middle range of Brooklyn neighborhoods.

We’re having a tough time figuring out what creates this lustful streak through Brooklyn. Is it that Manhattan is too distracting, what with the museums, skyscrapers, and Central Park? Maybe there’s just more time to concentrate beyond the East River.

Anyway, in honor of Valentine’s Day, here’s the tasteful pink sex map of New York City.

Source: OKCupid.

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Brooklyn Is the Land of Sexual Adventure