Chris Lee Love Interest Comes Forward [VIDEO]

The woman who exposed former Congressman Chris Lee’s Craigslist email and brought down his political career has come forward.

Her name is Yesha Callahan and she is a 34-year-old single mother and faculty specialist for the University of Maryland.

She tells the Washington Post that she decided to come forward after finding out that Lee was not the 39-year-old divorced lobbyist he claimed to be and after consulting with her friends, who concluded that Lee’s deception was over the line.

“I assumed that other people have probably come across him as well, and he had lied to them,” she told the paper. “I felt annoyance at just the audacity of people thinking that they’re not going to get found out when they are lying.”

And she adds that she is done with Craigslist dating, for now.


Chris Lee Love Interest Comes Forward [VIDEO]