Christie as NY Times Mag cover boy: ‘The Disrupter’

As Gov. Chris Christie said his adieus to the large South Jersey audience in West Deptford Thursday, he started into his positive press speech about how New Jersey is not just Snooki and The Sopranos anymore.

The newest ‘good press,’ he said, is his cover story in the New York Times Magazine coming out this weekend. “And the title of the story is “The Disrupter,” he said to applause and laughter.

He left the crowd with a family story.

“Some people say he’s too combative,” Christie started in, listing other head-butting synonyms that have been used against for him. Then an inaudible shout came from the crowd.

“What’s that one?” the governor said.

“He’s a hater,” the man shouted.

“He’s a hater,” Christie said, slipping into a broader smile. “And any other insults you’d like to hurl.”

He finished by hitting the Irish-Sicilian upbringing note, the place and time when he mastered dispute resolution: “Everything in our house was discussed at a very high volume.”

  Christie as NY Times Mag cover boy: ‘The Disrupter’