Congress to Vote to Cut U.N. Security Funding Tomorrow

Last week we wrote about how Congressmembers Nita Lowey and Peter King wrote to President Obama urging him not to cut homeland security funding for New York City.

While that fight remains unresolved, now it looks like the city may take another homeland security bodyblow, as the House of Representatives is slated to take up a bill that would eliminate funds that had been earmarked to protect the United Nations headquarters in Turtle Bay. 

The bill comes out of an initiative from House Republican majority leader Eric Cantor, called YouCut, which allows citizens to vote on which spending cuts they would like to see enacted.

The money comes out of $180 million in excess funds that has been provided to the U.N since 2000 and which gives pay equity to American workers there, since their foreign counterparts are given diplomatic tax immunity. In recent years, the fund has run a surplus, and President Obama, with the backing of the New York Police Department, decided to earmark part of it for security upgrades, according to Heather Wong, a public affairs director at the UN Foundation.

The bill would require a 2/3rds vote to pass.

Full text of the legislation can be found here.



Congress to Vote to Cut U.N. Security Funding Tomorrow