Cuomo Adds Three to His Team

Three names were added to the list of members of Governor Cuomo’s Albany team today, filling sought-after positions at the Department of Motor Vehicles, the Canal Corporation and the Environmental Facilities Corporation.

The decision to put Schenectedy Mayor Brian Stratton in the Cuomo administration was widely reported yesterday, though it was not until today’s announcement that his position as the new director of the New York State Canal Corporation was confirmed. His connections to upstate and contacts throughout the Eerie Canal corridor are being hailed as major qualifiers for the job.

“As resident and Mayor of a City that was shaped by the Erie Canal, Brian understands the history and tradition of the canal system and its immense impact on the state’s economy and quality of life,” said Congressman Paul Tonko about Stratton’s appointment.

Broome County Executive Barbara Fiala is the new head of the DMV. Her previous experience comes from 40 years of public service and she is a board member on one nation-wide and two state-wide committees.

The third appointment is really a reappointment, renaming Matthew Driscoll to his current post as president and CEO of the Environmental Facilities Corporation. Before initially taking on the role in 2008, Driscoll was the Mayor of Syracuse and had worked in varying forms of public service for twenty years prior.

Stratton, Fiala and Driscoll- all hailing from upstate- are not wavemakers and their selection brings with it little surprise. One thing to note, however, is the fact that Cuomo has people vying to head to Albany, hinting that the dread that often came with a state capitol job has lessened with the new administration.


Cuomo Adds Three to His Team