DCCC to Robo Against Grimm

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is unveiling a new robo-call that will go into homes in Staten Island and the Brooklyn section of Congressman Michael Grimm’s district.

The call knocks Grimm for signing on with the G.O.P.’s budget cuts, which, the Dems say, will make New Yorkers less safe by reducing funding for police officers.

Says the automated calls:

Everyone knows we need to cut spending and reduce the deficit in Washington. And we can do that by reforming government, cutting wasteful spending, and getting rid of taxpayer subsidies for the Big Oil companies making record profits.

 But instead, Representative Michael Grimm voted for a partisan plan to cut funding for local police by 26 percent.

 If Michael Grimm has his way, more cops will be out of a job and our streets will be less safe – threatening our communities.

 Call Representative Michael Grimm at XXXX and tell him to cut taxpayer subsidies for Big Oil, not the cops that keep our streets safe.

The effort is part of a larger one targeting Republicans for the budget that they released last week. Although the G.O.P. is committed to reducing the federal deficit, Democrats believe that voters will turn on them once they are forced to get specific about cuts.

Grimm edged Democratic Rep. Mike McMahon in the fall in a district that John McCain carried in 2008, and it is unclear how vulnerable he is, especially considering he represents a district that could look very different in 2012, after new lines are drawn this year.



DCCC to Robo Against Grimm