Despite Repeated Denials of Presidential Aspirations, Christie Advisor Explores Creating a PAC

Amid mounting speculation about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s presidential aspirations, one of his top advisors said that he is thinking of creating a political action committee to cash in on the national interest.

Even though he went into a newspaper interview intending to damper the chatter about a possible 2012 run, Christie’s close advisor Bill Palatucci said that the idea of forming a political action committee would be a smart move.

“I might frankly contemplate that. There’s so much interest out there; it’s leaving money on the table by not having one,” Palatucci said in an interview with the Courier Post.

That said, he was quick to reiterate Christie’s continued claims that he is not running.

“If reporters would look for a second below the surface, they’d see I’ve never been to Iowa,” Palatucci said. He also added that no lawyers have been added and a presidential exploratory committee has not- and will not- be created.

Christie’s tough talk and strong stance against unions have turned him into a conservative favorite and was recently named Vice President of the Republican Governor’s Association, only increasing his national prominence and the volume of 2012 speculation.

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter also publicly declared her support for the governor.

“Christie is very articulate,” Coulter recently told MSNBC. “He has taken brave positions that no other Republican was willing to take, taking on the teachers’ union. Amazingly, every once and a while a politician comes along and tells the truth, and he’s one of them.”

A poll released last week said that his constituents don’t mind the gossip, with 63% of New Jerseyans saying that the presidential rumors haven’t hindered his job performance. 

One constituent created a website to garner support for a Christie run, saying that the governor’s reluctance only means that his supporters have to try harder.

“If he was a volunteer then we wouldn’t need to draft him,” said Donald Sico, creator of

In spite of the increased attention in recent weeks, Sico thinks it is not enough to alter Christie’s stance.

“Theres going to have to be almost a tidal wave of enthusiasm for him to change his mind.”

The governor has consistently denied all rumors of a 2012 run with his trademark bluntness.

“Short of suicide, I don’t really know what I’d have to do to convince you people that I’m not running. I’m not running,” Christie said.


Despite Repeated Denials of Presidential Aspirations, Christie Advisor Explores Creating a PAC