Dinevore Chows Down On Redesign, Adds Geolocation

To know where to eat, you have to know where you are, and restaurant app Dinevore is now geolocating. 

The service rolled out a number of changes this morning, as well announcing partnerships with New York, Village Voice and The New York Times

Dinevore works on an asynchronous follow model. You can follow users or the lists they create, and that curation and community is paired with a Rotten Tomatoes-type rating that averages dozens of restaurant reviews into a single “Dinescore.”

“There’s a lot of great recommendation content out there, but that content is way too hard to find, even if we know who we want to get it from. I care about recommendations from a select group of my friends, from professional critics and from people who happen to share my tastes, even if I don’t know them in person,” says founder Jeremy Fisher. “We looked to real life behavior for inspiration. No one’s ever called a friend and asked them to write a restaurant review, you ask for a recommendation. Dinevore is essentially a personalized restaurant guide authored by all the users and publications you follow.”

Fisher just finished a list of BBQ places he plans to hit up in Austin as part of Hashable’s SXSW hit squad of networking ninjas. 

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Dinevore Chows Down On Redesign, Adds Geolocation