Elsewhere: A Campaign Team of Walker, Beam and Cuervo

Muslim groups are countering Peter King with their own hearing.

Betsey McCaughey Ross knocked Kirsten Gillibrand, but was coy on a future run of her own.

Hakeem Jeffries calls for a moratorium on school closures.

Florida Democratic Party Chairman: “After the election, I sat down with my consultants, and their names were John Walker, James Beam and Jose Cuervo, my Hispanic consultant. When I finished with them I was done with that consultation.”

Marty Markowitz was fined $2,000 by the Conflicts of Interest Board for using his chief of staff as his lawyer when he bought a home in Windsor Terrace in 2001.

The City Council may have to vote on ending bonus payouts to cops and firefighters.

Michael Grimm was asked about the cool perks of being a congressman. His (facetious) answer: All the ladies. (H/T DN)

The Democratic Leadership Council is about ready to fold.

Carolyn McCarthy was named “The Best Democrat on Long Island” by the Long Island Press

Chuck Schumer and Lindsay Graham are taking another look at immigration reform.

The Independent Democrats explained why they backed the G.O.P.’s efforts to dilute the power of the lieutenant governor.Councilman Stephen Levin admits to sneaking a but every now and again.

How dangerous are those P.C.B’s in schools?

The Committee to Save New York is gearing up for their own grassroots efforts.

The Buffalo News calls for the public financing of elections.

Roberto Perez says redistricting will be important to Latinos.

Elsewhere: A Campaign Team of Walker, Beam and Cuervo