Elsewhere: Adam Bradley, a Breastfeeding Fight and No More Bagels

Facing domestic abuse charges and an ethics probe, White Plains mayor Adam Bradley is stepping down.

New York G.O.P. may change winner-take-all primary rules.

Senate Republicans appeared to have overpopulated Democrat-heavy districts while underpopulating GOP-held districts in order to maximize their sphere of influence, Liz Benjamin reports.

Mayor Bloomberg is giving more city contracts to women and minority owned businesses.

Chris Christie vetoed a jobs creation bill that had considerable bipartisan support.

No more H&H bagels for New York! The famous company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

NYC Council Education Committee Chairman Robert Jackson is so angry at Cuomo’s proposed education cuts that he is going to lead a protest this weekend.

Teachers are also protesting Cuomo’s education cuts – on the airwaves.

Yet NYC Schools Chancellor Cathie Black has dismissed concerns from principals nervous about policy changes.

Another school district received praise from Andrew Cuomo for freezing salaries.

Stanford University may open an applied-science school in New York.

Labor unions are protesting possible cuts, most notably in Wisconsin.

Democratic Chairman Jay Jacobs has gotten involved in the Palin-Obama breastfeeding tiff.

Nassau Country can postpone submitting a revised budget that was due originally due next Tuesday.

Robert Jackson is demanding an apology from Lt. Gov. Robert Duffy for saying the increases to the state’s school funding formula were pushed through by “those who do not have the best interests of our students in mind.”

January revenue was above projections, Tom DiNapoli reports.

Yes please! New York is willing to take the $2.5 billion high speed rail funding Florida turned down.

Nassau County officials shut down their crime lab following revelations that inaccurate measurements involving drug cases were known by police officials several months before a national accrediting agency placed it on probation.

Also in Nassau, officials are encouraging divorcing couples to seek mediation instead of going through the courts.

Little noticed item in the Bloomberg budget: a raise on parking meter rates.

David Paterson wants Eliot Spitzer’s CNN gig.

Elsewhere: Adam Bradley, a Breastfeeding Fight and No More Bagels