Elsewhere: Bloomberg Testifies

Dean Skelos said Cuomo is delaying by delegating when it comes to the budget.

Meanwhile, another senator defended Skelos from criticisms of sandbagging ethics reform.

Bloomberg’s testimony to a grand jury corroborated that campaign aide John Haggerty stole $1.1 million from the mayor.

Senate Democrats have been given an operating budget of $15.2 million.

The Independent Democratic Conference may have an ally in Michael Bloomberg.

The City Record is online for all to see.

Rahm Emanuel described what his budget would look like if he were mayor of Chicago.

Joe Biden announced a $53 billion high-speed rail project.

Federal taxes are at their lowest level relative to the economy in 50 years.

Obama should have no problem abiding by New York’s latest smoking ban — apparently, he quit.

The New York EPA is proceeding slowly with updated regulations on hydrofracking.

But state parks should be free from the threat of closing.

Advocates are pushing for a bill that would cap rent for HIV positive New Yorkers.

Keith Olbermann is making a comeback — on Current TV.

NYC principals have started collecting overdue lunch money.

Ruben Diaz, Jr. sent a letter calling for action on PCB in schools.

Could New York prisons be going the way of New York City public schools?

The Tea Party may be a kingmaker in the New Hampshire GOP primary.

The 2012 race for New York’s 25th district is one of the most watched in the country.

Workers at Rikers are suing New York, saying the facility gave them cancer.

The madame who helped Eliot Spitzer get prostitutes is opening a shelter for sex workers.

Will the AOL-Huffpo merger affect the tenor of their political coverage?

NYC public school parents have a proposal for how Bloomberg can help Egypt.


Elsewhere: Bloomberg Testifies