Elsewhere: Farewell Chris Lee

Chris Lee says “I will have to work this out with my wife.”

Paladino’s former running-mate Greg Edwards thinks Cuomo should have made a bigger effort to connect to his constituents during this time of supposed crisis.

Unions choose grassroots (read: cheap) over traditional budget at attacks.

Pedro Espada Jr. just can’t stay away from Soundview.

Cuomo says gay marriage to be on this year’s agenda.

State Sen. Andrea Stewart-Cousins is making sure the masses can complain about the budget.

Cuomo says he’s open to discussions on the ‘last in, first out’ policy for teacher cuts. Somewhere, Bloomberg smiles.

State Dem. Carlucci vies for spot as the ‘cool’ senator, wants child performers to be able to stay up late.

Correctional Services Director supports the plan to close and consolidate prisons.

Joan Rivers turns her attention from awards season to gay marriage.

Bloomberg says that he knows the budget cuts are hard, but it’s either “Christmas bonuses or have more teachers.”

Borough President Scott Stringer’s speech yesterday is making more people think that he’s throwing his hat in the ring for the Mayor’s spot in 2013.

Spiderman aside, Broadway is the city’s most dangerous street.

Bloomberg and Cuomo have similar stances on taxes.

Mary Ann Buerkle was named vice-chair of the subcommittee on terrorism and trade.

Solar polar use in New York has doubled.

Elsewhere: Farewell Chris Lee