Elsewhere: Intelligent Use of Information Technology

Chris Lee sent the half-naked photos of himself to his Craigslist paramour after attending a lecture on “intelligent use of information technology” and while grabbing a few drinks with G.O.P. colleagues.

Kirsten Gillibrand is fundraising for Gabby Giffords.

Charlie Rangel: “There is a small part of the Republican Party that has no respect for the President as a human being.”

Rangel was pretty critical of Obama’s budget himself.

Dan Donovan is still waiting on a special prosecutor to investigate the Working Families Party.

The UFT official who was led out of an Albany restaurant by the police after raising a ruckus said he was upset by the bad service.

Mike Arcuri has a new job.

Greg David doesn’t think Andrew Cuomo’s medicaid cuts go deep enough.

Chuck Schumer wants the money for high-speed rail that Florida has rejected.

Barack Obama spoke with Lara Logan.

Eric Schneiderman recused himself from an investigation into NARAL’s finances.

Marty Golden is trying to keep OTB alive

Rock Hackshaw breaks down the race to replace Darryl Towns.

Grassroots groups want an investigation into the Committee to Save New York.

Elsewhere: Intelligent Use of Information Technology