Elsewhere: The Difference Between a Murderer and a Bagel-Stealer

New York City mayoral race: here we go again, with breakdown services for the cast of characters courtesy of HuffPo.

Political consultant James Carville is shilling for Miracle Whip.

Libya is no longer a member of the Human Rights Council, which sort of makes sense given the whole massacre of protesters thing.

The National Journal finds that John McCain is a maverick once more.

Providence, Rhode Island has issued dismissal notices to every single one of the city’s teachers.

Shelley Mayer, top counsel for the State Senate Democrats, is leaving her post.

New York City plans to use over $24 million in federal homeland security dollars to pay the NYPD for overtime.

Donald Trump has $2 billion that he could blow on a presidential campaign if he chose to pay out of pocket, which consultant Roger Stone seems to think he would.

Here’s hoping The Donald gives Stone a job if he does decide to run-after this interview, it’s pretty certain that none of the other GOP contenders will.

A new DOJ initiative will help train court personnel to “clarify the wording in signs and other written communications” in an effort to enhance civility in the courts.

Irony: a New York “life coach” requested somebody kill him. Someone obliged, and is now standing trial in front of Manhattan’s Supreme Court.

An NYPD bust in the Bronx found a dozen guns and more than 2,000 rounds of ammunition. Police believe the owners of these weapons, currently in custody, belong to an Albanian street gang.

Jeffrey Epstein- the New York billionaire who just returned to the city after finishing up a jail stint in Florida- wants you to know that he is not a predator, he is a sex offender. “It’s the difference between a murderer and a person who steals a bagel,” he said.

Bloomberg says he’s pro-public sector unions, but the support only goes so far

More Trojan horse metaphors.

No more Democrats will be indicted as part of the Working Families Party voter fraud case.

Obama has appointed the first male- and first openly gay- White House social secretary.



Elsewhere: The Difference Between a Murderer and a Bagel-Stealer