Elsewhere: Timid Obama, Heroic Bush (No, Not That One)

Cathie Black was in Albany, and lawmakers did not go easy on her.

Obama defended his budget, a document some think indicates his reluctance to take on the big issues as election season draws closer.

George H.W. Bush received a Medal of Freedom.

Charlie Rangel is likely running for re-election.

If Albany doesn’t amend teacher firing policies, the city’s Department of Education may have found a loophole.

Ed Koch is keeping the pressure on his heroes.

Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman thinks the New York Judiciary should get a raise.

Anthony Weiner wants to offer an amendment to end U.S. aid to Saudi Arabia.

Celeste Katz sees a possible political calculation in Scott Stringer skipping Christine Quinn’s State of the City speech.

Bob Duffy told lawmakers that schools can weather budget cuts without firing teachers.

Hillary Clinton signaled America’s strong support for Internet freedom; the fact that a federal probe of Wikileaks is also getting underway was not lost on everyone.

Chris Christie is going to Washington, and 2012 prognosticators are talking.

Egypt has ten days to write a new constitution.

New York is close to being the first state to guarantee people in foreclosure court lawyers.

South Dakota’s legislature is considering a bill that would legalize killing abortion doctors.

Elsewhere: Timid Obama, Heroic Bush (No, Not That One)