Elsewhere: Under the Bus

The “Mayor Edward I. Koch Municipal Building“-does it roll off the tongue?

Someone is seriously underestimating how well we know Bloomberg.

Bill Clinton told New Yorkers at the Wired for Change conference today that he sent a grand total of two emails while in office. Hmmmmm.

Comptroller DiNapoli thinks pension schemers should learn from Hank Morris’s mistake.

Rep. Peter King wants the U.S. to block a proposed U.N. resolution condemning Israeli settlement.

Tony Avella is not pleased with Bloomberg’s attempt to eliminate a pension benefit for retired NYPD and FDNY members, but the mayor maintains that the cut is essential to the success of his recently-released budget.

More flack for Bloomberg on his budget: Housing Works says the plan would throw New Yorkers with HIV/AIDS “under the bus.”

Assembly Democrats haven’t voted on a property tax-cap yet, but they’ll hold a hearing for Cuomo’s tax-cap bill on March 1.

More news on the bike lane debate: the city must now report and keep track of bike crashes.

David Malpass is staying in the game.

Sarah Palin took a dig at Michelle Obama over breastfeeding.

Elsewhere: Under the Bus