Post Exclusive: New York Diners Don’t Like Waiting For a Table

Trend alert! The New York Post has discovered that at several hot-spot restaurants in Manhattan, you may have to wait for a table–even if you have a reservation.

Well, um, yeah. But the takeaway here isn’t that the Post would run a story as obvious as this one (the headline: “BOOKED AND BURNED”) but rather that they could find enough people with the arrogance to complain loudly in the city’s biggest tabloid. Sure, the concept of “reservations” implies that you will have a certain table at a certain time “reserved” for you. Sure, waiting for anything sucks. Sure, you’re paying an arm and a leg for the mediocre-to-decent grub. But shouldn’t people be used to this by now?

Plus, the haters got some serious swag from these places! Free food and booze! How unhappy can you be? Let’s take a look at all the comped bites these miserable, miserable people received while waiting in line.

At The Lion:

free round of Champagne and shrimp cocktails

At Beauty & Essex:

the restaurant did comp her table’s dessert and provide a free amuse bouche.

At Mario Batali’s Otto:

a round of Prosecco to people with reservations who waited 20 to 30 minutes

At Boka’s private dining room:

two free fruity carafes of Soju, a distilled Korean beverage.

This all sounds pretty good to us!

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Post Exclusive: New York Diners Don’t Like Waiting For a Table