Even Darth Vader doesn’t love the Dark

Hayden Christensen, Eve and Russell Simmons were in the house for a Cinema Society party.

Although Cinema Society’s Vanishing on 7th Street’s screening afterparty at Beauty & Essex was not the official start to Fashion Week, it had the blessing of the God of Going Out himself, Russell Simmons. No Fashion Week could possibly begin without a sighting of the nocturnal Mr. Simmons.  The Observer caught up with him while he was sitting with his friend, Eve.

 “Have you met Eve?” He asked. “She’s a rapper, although do you prefer to be called an actress?”

 “I would say that I’m an entertainer,” she said, while pulling on her cocktail.

 The Observer complimented her on her tattoos.

 “I love my tattoos, they are all varied and tell a story,” but before we could ask her to illuminate us as to what some of those stories were, a huge tray of cocktails fell right at the table and shards of glass flew everywhere.  No one flinched.

 Picking up a pair of discarded sunglasses on the table, Eve put them on and turned to Russell, ‘Don’t you think these look just like my Ray-Bans?”

 Speaking of Fashion Week we asked Russell which shows he would be attending.

“Oh Tory’s, of course. She’s a friend of mine, Tommy, and Charlotte Ronson. You know, only the ones I need to support.”

 Star of the film, Hayden Christiansen, was happy to have a quick chat about his latest vacation to Barbados with his family.  

 Looking very dapper in a Burberry suit and skinny tie he told us about the best restaurant on the island, called Chicken Rita’s. “It’s the best fried chicken you’ve ever had in your life.  All Rita makes is fried chicken and friend fish.”

Other attendees included: Amy Sacco, sporting a new pair of glasses, the ludicrously tall director Brad Anderson, Natasha Bedingfield, Madonna’s ex-Carlos Leon, Oliver Theyskens, Adam Dell, Jennifer Creel and Bettina Zikha.


Even Darth Vader doesn’t love the Dark