Fab.com Introduces Big Gay Deal of the Day

Group buying is going niche. New York-based big gay social network Fab.com debuted its Big Gay Deal of the Day this week, “glamming up” the daily deal space with deals for gyms, spas, bars, restaurants, hotels, events and entertainment that appeal to gay men.

“We created the Big Gay Deal of the Day after seeing and rejecting the 99th Groupon deal for things like Domino’s Pizza, lash extensions and straight dating services. Gay men are looking for bargains like everyone else, but we weren’t receiving gay-relevant offers even though the gay community purchases $700 billion worth of goods annually in the U.S. alone,” said Bradford Shellhammer, co-founder of Fab.com, in a press release.

Mr. Shellhammer promised to offer deals on everything “from gay to ‘z.'” Daily deal purveyors like Groupon and Thrillist are known for pitching their offers in snarky, glib copy, and Fab.com shows it’s ready to play the game. From today’s offer for lube:

And since we’ve negotiated reduced shipping costs, we are sparing you the need to creatively hide your lube in a rolled up Cosmopolitan magazine while you wait anxiously in a long line for twenty minutes while the lady in front of you scrounges up that last penny from the bottom depths of her purse to pay for a pack of gum. But maybe we’re projecting.

Only $16.99.

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  Fab.com Introduces Big Gay Deal of the Day