Foursquare’s No. 1 Fan

Chris Thompson lives in Cinncinati, where he is mayor of a Chipotle and visited Dunkin’ Donuts at least 116 times in the last year. Mr. Thompson writes the About Foursquare blog, a website devoted to full coverage of Foursquare’s growth, apps, new badges and feature changes. He updates multiple times daily.

“The blog really started by accident,” Mr. Thompson told The Observer in December. “I was helping out as a superuser on Foursquare’s customer support forums and there was no way to add an FAQ, so I started a site with some FAQs that we could all link to. People kept writing me and asking me to write about badges and changes to Foursquare and it really just started growing from there. I’ve had a blast with it!”

The existence of a dedicated trade publication puts Foursquare, with its relatively small userbase of about 4 million in the U.S., in the same league as Facebook, which has, and Apple, which has collected a network of fan/news sites (Apple Insider, TUAW, 9 to 5 Mac). Mr. Thomspon now runs advertising on his site, which includes an FAQ and forum for Foursquare users.

He’s never met founders Dennis Crowley and Naveen Selvadurai, he said, but he has corresponded with them before.

Mr. Thompson first checked in on Foursquare one year ago today, and he marked it by posting his Foursquare statistics in an infographic. The most dramatic illustration is the superimposed circles that show how much Foursquare’s user base has grown.

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Foursquare’s No. 1 Fan