From the Creator of Nerd Valentine, an Internet Wishlist

Local creative strategist Amrit Richmond won the web’s heart with Nerd Valentine, a gift guide for geeks that went viral leading up to the holiday.

The project received 425,000+ page views from 40,000+ unique nerds around the world in the few weeks it ran.

Richmond put her other projects on the back burner while dealing with the flood of interest in that site. But didn’t take long to launch her next project, The Internet Wishlist, which has been burning up Twitter and Facebook since going live this morning.

“In a world of me-too startups, I hope this new project inspires entrepreneurs, developers and designers to innovate and build the products and features that people want,” Richmond told The Observer in an email.

Incubating ideas is what the startup scene is all about, and Richmond’s approach is refreshingly open-ended. She hopes it will become “a collection of ideas for apps and websites ranging from web to mobile, realistic to imaginary, and helpful to humorous.”

For right now the site just needs to get a critical mass of attention and activity, but it would be cool if Richmond built out verticals for different kinds of ideas and a way to for users to vote up promising submissions. The top performers might also be featured on their own page. Think of it as an incubator for potential Kickstarter projects.

Some interesting suggestions from this morning.


  • An app that can group similar tweets so I don’t have to read the same story from 50 different sources.
  • An app for finding babysitters. Location and subscription based service of vetted and available sitters.
  • A Shazam, but for people’s faces.


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From the Creator of Nerd Valentine, an Internet Wishlist