Gentless wants DeMichele gone

Mayor John Gentless of Stratford and a local Republican club from Pennsauken want Camden County GOP Chairman Rick DeMichele to pack up and leave his job as county party chair.

“There are less than a handful of Republican mayors in a county of 37 towns, boroughs and muncipalities, and as a result, many question me how serious Mr. DeMichele is about implementing a serious play of action to win elections one town at a time. Given the historic victories of Republicans in 2009 and 2010 nationwide, and given my past experience as a candidate under this chairman, I see no way the Camden County Republicans will have a legitimate voice until he resigns,” Gentless said.

“We have a leader who is silent on most of the issues – like layoffs of police and fire, which I don’t agree with,” added Gentless.

DeMichele has led the party in Cemden for five years. His current two-year term expires in 2012, but Gentless wants him gone now, in time for the GOP to organize slates in time for 2011 elections. 

The newly elected president of the Pennsauken GOP also said it’s time for DeMichele to go.

“For Mr. DeMichele to continue in his current role is devasting,” said Bill Chester. “Over the years, as an outsider, something never seemed quite right about the Republicans consistently losing.,”

Chester blamed DeMichele for failing to galvanize the party base.

Gentless wants DeMichele gone