Gillibrand: G.O.P. Showing ‘A Heinous Disregard’ for Women [VIDEO]

Kirsten Gillibrand joined her fellow Democratic Senators today for a Capitol Hill news conference in which she reiterated her opposition to the House Republican’s efforts to roll back reproductive rights. 

“These bills show a heinous disregard for the health and well-being of women in America,” Gillibrand says. “It is a tax on all women who want access to a full-range of reproductive health care.”

The bills in question would stop the government from providing tax credits or subsidies to women who choose health insurance plans that cover abortion, even if the woman pays for abortion cover herself, and employers whose health insurance plans include abortion would be denied tax credits.

It is interesting here that Gillibrand is making an economic argument to fight the Republicans pro-life efforts. Later in the press conference she calls their efforts a tax on small business and knocks the G.O.P. for breaking a promise to focus on jobs.

Take a look:



Gillibrand: G.O.P. Showing ‘A Heinous Disregard’ for Women [VIDEO]