Good Morning, Eminem!

When it came to Superbowl commercials, Eminem, you succeeded in a risky two-point conversion.

That’s right you appeared in not one but two Superbowl commercials. The first was for Brisk iced tea, where a claymation Eminem assured us in a self-righteous way that it doesn’t make endorsements for just any product. Which made us, the viewer, say to ourselves, “Wow, there must be something special about that Brisk beverage product.”

Then! You appeared in a Chrysler ad that hyped the motor city to a tune from 8 Mile. Risky? Absolutely. You could have easily been shut down by your own rebellious attitude. Thankfully your close association with Detroit made the ad at the very least palatable, meaning, in advertising terms, that you pulled it off.

Brisk, baby!


The Observer Good Morning, Eminem!