Good Morning, Nikki Finke!

Nikki Finke, reclusive scribe of the venerable Deadline Hollywood–The Daily thinks they got a photograph of you, and they published it. It’s time to embrace your status as a public figure.

Because even if it’s not you, it might not be worth it to fight back. They published it as a “poll,” asking “Is this Nikke Finke, the most powerful–and elusive–woman in Hollywood?” to get around technically claiming it’s you.

The Daily writes that you “called several executives from News Corp., which owns The Daily, and intimated there would be reprisals in the form of negative coverage of 20th Century Fox should we publish this photo.” That’s way worse press than a blurry, through the windshield shot. And besides, you look great!

Or think of it this way–Richard Johnson’s crew couldn’t find two people in all of Hollywood who would confirm or deny that the photo is you. That kind of power speaks for itself.

The old, confirmed photograph of Nikki Finke:


As illustrated by The New Yorker. :: @kstoeffel

Good Morning, Nikki Finke!