GroupMe Spends Some of Its Millions on Talent

GroupMe has it way too easy. The startup is announcing its second round of first-class hires in 2011, and it’s only February. While other tech companies drop hints on Quora and leave their “We’re hiring!” pages up for months, GroupMe plucked designer Kevin David Crowe from CollegeHumor and picked up former Gilt Groupe engineer and webmaster for Vampire Weekend Chris Connolly. 

GroupMe also brought on Geoff Hackett, creator of the NYC Bus & Subway Maps app as lead Android developer, and Tara Cunningham, who most recently worked at MetLife, as office manager.

Five weeks ago, GroupMe announced it had scooped up a Hot Potato iPhone developer, an engineer from Pivotal Labs, and another Steve.

GroupMe is up to 13 employees and hungry for more, suggesting it may need to move out of the SoHo office it shares with the less-rambunctious Facebook progeny Jumo.

How is GroupMe bagging so many all-stars? Long-simmering buzz around the startup (yes, these VCs know they’re not investing in Groupon), the personal networks of cofounders Jared Hecht and Steve Martocci, and the company’s merry office all contribute to the draw. And the millions, of course.

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GroupMe Spends Some of Its Millions on Talent