‘History of the Internet’ Class Starts Tonight

New York City engineers Charlie Robbins (Nodejitsu) and Elena Silenok (Clothia) are hosting a class tonight at General Assembly, the first in a course of eight on the history of the internet.

“Admit it, you use the internet every day and most likely don’t know its history or how it really works,” the course description says.

Guilty. Go on. “In this eight-session course, students will survey everything there is to know about what is arguably the most important invention of the past fifty years.”

“What is the Internet? History, Fundamentals & Architecture,” will cover the fundamentals of how the internet works and how it evolved, from packet switching to HTML and the collection of trends known as “web 2.0.” Classes are $30 each or $210 for all eight.

“What Is the Internet?” is one of many classes now in session at General Assembly.

Also this week, “Essentials of Startup Law,” “Introduction to HTML,” and the more advanced “Developing for Mobile: An Android Primer.”

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‘History of the Internet’ Class Starts Tonight