‘Hollywood Reporter’ Rounds Up Lying Films–But Which Ones Did They Miss?

Shockingly, The Social Network and other of this year’s Best Picture contenders are not wholly factual, reads an exposé in The Hollywood Reporter. Those Oscar-season films you’ve been enjoying–or enduring? They were written, by fiction writers, to entertain! Examples THR presents include 127 Hours‘s depiction of Aron Ralston jumping into a pool (it never happened!), The Social Network‘s portrayal of Mark Zuckerberg as a “devious misfit” (the real Zuckerberg appeared on Saturday Night Live, and no ill-adjusted person would ever do that!), and Natalie Portman’s not doing all her own dancing in Black Swan (how can we describe this rare and dishonest process of “doubling” an actor during “stunts”?).

But why stop there? Here are other lies our Oscar nominees told us this year:

127 Hours: The movie’s running time was 94 minutes, or 1.5667 hours.

Inception: Tops are not entertaining toys.

Biutiful: This is nominated for Best Foreign Language Film, and yet “Biutiful” is not a word in Spanish.

Winter’s Bone: Cutting off a person’s arm generally creates problems, rather than solving them. (Exception: 127 Hours.)

Animal Kingdom: The characters in this movie are humans, not animals. This would, however, have been an appropriate title for last year’s Oscar nominee Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Blue Valentine: People do not age as dramatically in a lifetime as does Ryan Gosling does in five years of story.

The Kids Are All Right: The kids are not all right.

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‘Hollywood Reporter’ Rounds Up Lying Films–But Which Ones Did They Miss?