Is Aziz Ansari Fashion Week’s Most Ubiquitous Party Guest?

Last September Russell Simmons was everywhere. The Chanel opening in Soho, Charlotte Ronson’s after party, Alexander Wang’s after party, Tommy Hilfiger’s bash at the Metropolitan Opera, the Dom Perignon-sponsored blowout at Villa Pacri — Russell Simmons was inescapable. His Fashion Week stamina was such that The New York Times indulged in a bit of a swipe at the cap-clad entrepreneur. It said he was “guaranteed to attend your party if you promise him a free potato chip.”

Who, then will receive this season’s Russell Simmons Prize for Most Vigorous Party Crasher? In a bit of an upset, it appears to be Aziz Ansari. The comedian and “Parks and Recreation” star has been around nearly every night at a variety of events, and his arrival is dogged by onlookers who whisper to The Observer something along the lines of “Again?”

Let’s take a look at a piece of Ansari’s busy Fashion Week schedule.

Thursday: There he was at the GQ Best New Menswear Designers party, drinking red wine and talking about male models and Hors d’oeuvres.

Friday: There he was at the Rag & Bone after party at the Westway — the long-awaited “hipster stripclub” from the team behind the Jane Hotel Ballroom parties — ambling around the glitter-soaked platform . (We asked him when the strippers would arrive, and he promptly replied “12:30”).

Saturday: There he was at the Jane Hotel, stumbling outside near 4:00 in the morning, in a state that indicated he might be best off going home. But moments later The Observer spotted him again walking in circles near the DJ booth, toying with his iPhone and wearing a red ski cap.

Monday: There he was at the Theyskens’ Theory after party, at the Boom Boom Room, celebrating Valentine’s Day by cornering one lucky girl by the back lounge on the right side of the room.

All this sounds more like Ansari’s foulmouthed and skirt-chasing alter ego, Randy. Could the party-hopping simply be an extended act of performance art? We wouldn’t put it past Ansari, given his feats of comic brilliance, but perhaps he’s just having some fun. Either way, we’re sure we’ll see him at the VMan party tonight.

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Is Aziz Ansari Fashion Week’s Most Ubiquitous Party Guest?