Jennifer Aniston, New York’s Newest Real Estate Agent

It seems all Jennifer Aniston has to do is walk by a condo building in New York these days and suddenly she’s ready to buy the place.

It’s true, the former fictional Greenwich Villager is trying to move to the neighborhood (or at least downtown) for real. But the speculation about where she will go has gone from tabloid gossip to all-out-marketing campaign, and little of it is true, according to associates of Aniston, but that hasn’t stopped brokers from trying to capitalize on the connection.

As far back as four years ago, rumors spread that the flaxen-featured star was looking to buy at 20 Pine, the Shvo-tacular Financial District development. Then she was said to be looking at 15 Madison Square, which was true, too, but never happened. The latest look to sweep the streets is that last month Aniston checked out a four-story penthouse atop 552 LaGuardia Place, right next-door to NYU.

It’s a pretty spectacular pad, and not only did The Observer get caught up in the hype, but so did People magazine, working the news of Aniston’s apparently imminent buy into its cover story this week. Except that that is not the case at all, or so we’re told. “She took one look at the place and hated it,” according to a source. Must have been all those NYU kids clamoring on the streets down below.

Now, the Daily News is reporting that “Aniston has bought or is close to buying a four-bedroom, four-bath Village penthouse for $14.95 million” located at 2 Horatio Street. That would be pretty amazing, then, because as The Observer is told, she has never even set foot inside the building.

Still, the listing brokers on all these apartments must be thrilled with the attention they are getting. In which case, here’s the real scoop! The Observer has learned exclusively that Aniston actually plans on buying a bridge in Brooklyn.

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Jennifer Aniston, New York’s Newest Real Estate Agent