John J. Burzichelli (D-Paulsboro)

Assemblyman John J. Burzichelli was born in Camden, NJ, and grew up in Paulsboro where he currently resides. He is a graduate of Paulsboro High School. Mr. Burzichelli has served as Mayor of Paulsboro, NJ since 1996 and began his legislative career in January of 2002, serving as State Assemblyman. Assemblyman Burzichelli currently serves as Assembly Deputy Speaker.


Mr. Burzichelli is managing partner of Hill Studio and Scenic in Paulsboro, Gloucester County, which is a sound stage facility that provides studio services and special effects to the motion picture, video and still photography industry. He is the founder of the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Paulsboro and a former president of the Greater Paulsboro Chamber of Commerce.


Currently, Assemblyman Burzichelli serves as the Chair to the Assembly Tourism and Gaming Committee. He also serves on the Assembly Budget Committee as well as the Assembly Homeland Security and State Preparedness Committee. He has also been appointed to the Governor’s Commission on the Horse Racing Industry and to the Governor’s Hand Gun Task Force Committee.


Assemblyman Burzichelli was recognized as “Child Advocate of the Year” in April 2009 by the New Jersey Alliance for Children, Youth and Families, who lauded Burzichelli as a strong advocate on critical issues affecting children and families.


In October 2007, Assemblyman Burzichelli was named to the Federal Communications Commission’s Intergovernmental Advisory Committee. The Intergovernmental Advisory Committee (“IAC”), formerly known as the Local and State Government Advisory Committee, was created in 1997 to provide guidance to the Commission on issues of importance to state, local and tribal governments, as well as to the Commission. The IAC has also spent much time reviewing the crucial digital television transition which occurred June 12, 2009.


Legislatively, John has been active in several areas; Assemblyman Burzichelli is proposing to crack down on real estate scams that promise an easy rent-to-own option, but can leave potential homeowners out on the streets.  John’s bill; A1501 would put security measures in place. It would require property owners to fully disclose the conditions of the contract, recording the amount of down payment, the amount of each monthly payment and the portion of those payments paid toward the mortgage principal, which would be filed with the county clerk. Among one of the more important aspects of the legislation, it would give purchasers a legal platform to sue in Superior Court if the seller defaults on any aspect of the agreement.


In the fall of 2008, Assemblyman Burzichelli introduced a bill that would require the Director of the Division of Taxation to establish guidelines to ensure the privacy of any information concerning property tax deductions and credits and also requires that the annual notice of assessment not contain information about taxes paid and about individual deductions and credits.


In June 2009, legislation introduced by Assemblyman Burzichelli that would require law enforcement or prosecuting agencies to provide written notice to the principal of a secondary school of the identity of any student who is 18 years of age or older who has been charged, adjudicated, or convicted of certain offenses. The bill unanimously passed the Legislature. Currently, law enforcement and prosecuting agencies are required to advise a principal when a charge, adjudication, or disposition of a juvenile takes place. This bill extends the notification to situations involving students who are age 18 or older, but who are still enrolled in high school. This measure is awaiting the Governor’s signature which then it will become law.


Assemblyman John Burzichelli remains committed to serving his constituents as well as the citizens of New Jersey as a representative of the Third Legislative District.





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John J. Burzichelli (D-Paulsboro)