Labor Union Mobilizes Huffington Post Contributors

As talk of payouts for the exposure-hungry bloggers who contribute content to The Huffington Post ramps up, California’s Media Worker’s Guild is sponsoring a Facebook campaign asking Arianna Huffington to “spare a dime” out of the $315 million pricetag her company fetched in a recent merger with Aol.

Says the Media Worker’s Guild, a division of the Communications Workers of America, on Facebook:

We applaud Ms. Huffington’s position on the working class. Which is why we feel it’s so important for her to understand that the policies of her proudly progressive publication contribute to the economic woes of this nation by driving down the value of journalism.

While we’re skeptical that much will come from this 318-member Facebook campaign, it is fun to think about a world in which a powerful union of bloggers holds the online publishing industry firmly in its grasp, should the Communications Workers of America succeed in organizing Huffington Post’s blogging masses. Awoken from their stupor, these poor laboring classes could launch DDoS attacks against Ms. Huffington’s website should she try to bring in scab workers, erect inflatable rat statues in front of Aol headquarters and eventually secure the 50-odd cents they deserve for stories like “Room Temperature Beer” and “My Apology to Justin Bieber, Sarah Palin, A-Rod and My Mom.” Unite! You have nothing to lose but your powerful SEO algorithms and enormous online audience!

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Labor Union Mobilizes Huffington Post Contributors