Last Dem standing Reinhart: ‘Say who you are and be who you are’

Now the lone countywide Democratic Party incumbent, Burlington County Freeholder Mary Anne Reinhart issued a statement Wednesday critical of the county clerk’s and surrogate’s decision to change parties from Democrat to Republican as they plan for re-election.

“Today is a very sad day for the Voters’ of Burlington County to be informed by the press that those Democrat candidates they entrusted with their vote, no longer want to be a Democrat or represent their values,” Reinhart said.  

“I am not the least bit surprised but disgustingly disappointed by their actions, not only has it been rumored for quite some time, I personally asked these two individuals if they were going to flip and was told no.       

“This kind of voter manipulation has always existed in politics but in today’s world it has become an epidemic.     

“I now stand before you as not only the lone Democrat Freeholder, but as the lone Democrat County elected official.    

“In this capacity, I am the last representative in this county of the two party systems.   The need for ethics and pay-to-play reform and open and transparent government at the county level is more evident now than ever before.       

“The values that I stand for and represent continue to exist within the county democrat party.     

“(Working middle class Americans create and sustain jobs, affordable education, infrastructure and basic funding formula.)    

“Surrogate George Kotch and County Clerk Tim Tyler is clearly one more shameless example of individuals being opportunistic.     

“They took an oath as a Democrat and put their signature to their petitions stating they are Democrats when asking Democrats to sign their petitions and vote for them and serve in the capacity as a Democrat.      

“The working families of Burlington County helped get these individuals elected based on what they represented.     

“They now have stolen your votes, abandoned those working families and the values that they espoused in an effort to be re-elected.     

“This gives the true definition of the meaning ‘self-serving politicians.’     

“What drives me to serve all the people of Burlington County is… the hope and faith that the voters bestowed upon me when electing me to represent them to put the people of Burlington County first; to remain a Democrat, be steadfast, continue to be committed to resolving those issues that affect  middle-class residents on a daily basis in Burlington County; stop those self-serving politicians that only work for special interest groups themselves and the Republican Un-Elected Shadow Government…where the power and money lies.      

“Today, I call upon the representatives of the New Jersey State legislature to enact a law that prohibits a candidate once elected from changing their party in the course of their term and prohibit elected officials from resigning their positions (without good cause i.e. health issues, relocation etc.,) not the excuse they want to spend more time with their families, this will stop the manipulation of the public’s vote.  

“Say who you are and be who you say you are.”  

Last Dem standing Reinhart: ‘Say who you are and be who you are’