LimeWire’s Luscious Office Trappings

"This deceptively lightweight and trim table is perfect for an entryway or hallway. More traditional in styling, it earns its rustic bona fides with rough hewn wood and vintage drawer pulls. A simple and inexpensive addition to any home." There are three, priced at $75 each.
"This is a true original. Vintage and hip beyond belief, this desk has some wear and some cracks in the veneer at the base, but the scars are what makes things even more beautiful! Everything from the legs with brass feet, to the brass drawer pulls are original. Not a desk to be pushed in the corner, but to be put on display." Priced at $450.
"What is a Curio Cabinet? 'A curio is a predominantly glass cabinet with a metal or wood framework used to display collections of figurines that share some common theme.' The cabinet for sale is the tall piece on the far left of the picture. It was purchased from a Vintage wholesaler called Vagabond. Even if you don’t have any “figurines” to display, there are plenty of ways to put this unique piece to good use." Sold for $250.
"In perfect condition, these boxy beauties have been newly reupholstered and are ready for action. They are the living embodiment of the modern aesthetic: sleek and minimal in profile, warm materials and unbelievably comfortable. It’s like sitting in a catcher’s mitt. A very big catcher’s mitt." Priced at $1,200 for the pair.
"Who doesn’t like a little bootlegger influence on decor every once in a while? This old-fashioned pair of side table chests go well with a dark sofa or earth toned oriental rugs. They double as storage for anything from textiles and blankets to bottles of booze." Priced at $250 each. Companion to coffee table.
"More for the furtive imbiber (my parents still hide their wine from Grandma) . This coffee table sized chest / trunk is the perfect complement for our old-fashioned pair of side table chests, also doubling as storage for anything you might not want seen by just anybody." Priced at $650.
"These chairs represent a watershed moment in the history of furniture design. They were the first industrially manufactured plastic chairs. And while the chair design has remained true to the original over 60 years ago, now they are made with eco-friendly materials and manufacturing practices." Priced at $75 each, discounts if you buy a lot.
"8 feet long x approx. 40 inches wide of solid cypress (90% sure its cypress) plank, live edge table with wrought iron base. Each table and base is unique unto itself, individually crafted of one solid piece of shaved, sanded and lightly lacquered cypress, and perfectly patinaed iron, respectively. Sizes are approximate as the tables are of the same organic proportions of the trees from which they grew - some with tapering edges, some without; some with knots, some without; some with lively edges, some with edges a bit less… edgy (such is nature!). Priced at $2,750 each.
"This vintage Argentinian Foosball table has to rank as one of the cooler pieces you’re likely to see. The beauty is in the details — from the hand-painted jerseys to the cast iron body of the table, this is a piece you’ll enjoy both playing on as well as displaying. " Sold for $1,150.
"This bright yellow and black distressed metal industrial cart is a true one of a kind piece. By itself, it’s emblematic of a construction site from decades ago, maybe in a major American city, helping to transport welding tools back and forth in the fabrication of a building. But if the cart is paired with softer more delicate items in your home or office, it can offer a unique pop of color and gravitas." Sold for $450.
"If you’re looking for a cool coffee table, it doesn’t get cooler than the peg leg cart. Purchased from a great American Furniture company in Ohio, this classic design offers any New Yorker with a penchant for industrial chic the chance to have the real deal in their living room." Priced at $350.
"Purchased new only two years ago, this is certainly one of the finer pieces in our collection. The Abbott Sofa is a classic piece of American furniture that, with its aged cigar leather and elegantly minimal structure, can make any room feel sophisticated." Priced at $1,800.
"These leather side chairs are made in what’s called the “Barcelona Style,” which refers to the original Barcelona chair designed by one of the greatest designers of all time, Mies Van Der Rohe. Since an original Barcelona chair would set you back $12,000, the HUGO chair is the one you need. Taking the spirit of the original design and making the leather more sumptuous and keeping the nickel just as brilliant, these chairs will stand apart in any home." Priced at $1,500 for the pair.

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