Morning Links: Go Die in a Hole, Valentine’s Day

J.C. Penney dominated a suspiciously wide swath of Google search results until the Times brought it to Google’s attention. Penney’s also a top Google ad buyer. Strange bedfellows under Cindy Crawford brand sheets. [New York Times]

The Grammys happened! 14-year-olds Wikipedia-attacked the jazz bassist they find less appealing than Justin Bieber. Kanye West, unofficial ombudsmen of all awards shows, approved Arcade Fire’s victory. [Twitter, Gawker]

Lil Wayne and his daddy Birdman hosted an overflowing Cash Money Records Grammy afterparty, where Weezy serenaded Viking-maned Green Bay Packer Clay Matthews with “Green and Yellow.” [Page Six]

Penn Badgley is getting over demi-goddess Blake Lively precisely as his fictional counterpart Dan got over Lively’s Serena–by hooking up with girls in one night. This only happens in the East Village, apparently. [Page Six]

Harriet the Spy star Michelle Trachtenberg is using her sexy Maxim cover to silence the high school bullies who made fun of her for being flat-chested. It doesn’t absolve her of ruining Buffy, though. [WSJ]

Wyclef Jean and Sean Penn settled their Haiti-related beef with a 30 minute heart-to-heart inside a dressing room at B.B. King House of Blues on Saturday. Paz De La Huerta and Amy Sacco were on hand to adjudicate. [Page Six]

At CPAC on Saturday, Conservative blog mogul Andrew Breitbart was sued by Shirley Sherrod, the former Agriculture Department employee who lost her job over that selectively edited NAACP video. [New York Times]

Lloyd Grove was offered a columnist position at The Huffington Post but couldn’t agree on a salary, he writes in a piece on Kenneth Lerer. “Today, of course, I am kicking myself for not requesting equity instead,” he said. [Daily Beast]

Paris Review editor Lorin Stein says winking is as acceptable IRL as it is on dating sites with a winking button. “You shouldyou must!wink whenever the spirit moves you,” he writes. What about poking, Lorin??? [Paris Review Blog]

New York politicans can’t stay out of sex scandals. This has everything to do with the city’s libertine mores and nothing to do with its concentration of media. [Daily News]



Morning Links: Go Die in a Hole, Valentine’s Day