Morning Links: Infidelity Is Profitable, Kelsey Grammer!

Town & Country takes its pants off. [WWD]

Piers Morgan pump-ups his studio audience with cupcakes and chips. [Business Insider]

When Lady Gaga isn’t running around like a lunatic, she joins the “peanut gallery of strangely bedazzled gay men sitting on the sofas singing “Adelaide’s Lament,” from Guys and Dolls.” [Vogue] Or releasing her new single, “Born This Way.” [New York]

Kelsey Grammer officially divorced his Real Housewife of New York, Camille, for his younger girlfriend. [Page Six]

Here’s how to monetize your shenanigans, Grammer.  [BusinessWeek]

Allow a Huffington Post writer to spend a thousand words explaining to you that he has a real job. [Huffington Post]

Groupon can’t explain why its Superbowl commercial was funny, so they give up. [AdAge]

Cormac McCarthy, Tommy Lee Jones and Samuel L Jackson on Sunset Limited and suicide. [The New York Times]

New York Post: ” Nobody really likes Mike [Bloomberg] these days.” [New York Post]


Morning Links: Infidelity Is Profitable, Kelsey Grammer!