Morning Links: You Can’t Stay Mad When You’re Dead

Comeback! Lindsay Lohan will read the Top Ten for David Letterman tomorrow night. Letterman will only break from making fun of her long enough to flirt with her. [NYT]

Scandal! Karl Lagerfeld flew his muses out to Paris to photograph them wearing the line he designed for the Italian label Hogan. Blake Lively was not invited. [Page Six]

Turf Wars! Sally Singer advised The New York Times Magazine to fire its entire photo and art staff. [WWD]

Red Flag! With Apple demanding a 30% cut of subscriptions, Conde Nast and Time Inc. found friendlier digital publishing options with Google Android. [WWD]

Heard it Before! Lance Armstrong retired from racing. He did not retire from owning one of the largest Demand Media content farms.  [AP]

Hero! Malaysian investor partyboy Jho Low threw a Grammy afterparty so awesome it brought Jay-Z and Beyonce back together. [Page Six]

Impossible! Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre says he’ll be really pissed if Charlie Sheen outlives him. [Daily News]

The Machines! Watson continues to dominate Jeopardy, be a computer. [LA Times]

Finally! Borders filed for bankruptcy. They are over $1B in debt and will close 30 stores in the coming weeks. [DealBook] Morning Links: You Can’t Stay Mad When You’re Dead