Morning Read: A Fit, Fun, Classy Guy

Chris Lee is a “fit fun classy guy” who does not shy away from text-speak.

Loop21 has what they’re calling an exclusive interview with the woman here.

Cuomo will have to hold a special election to replace Lee

Jack Quinn and Jane Corwin are among the names being tossed around as potential candidates for the position.

Does the Chris Lee scandal represent a larger rift in Republican party unity?

Union leaders are pushing Chase to modify mortgages.

Mr. Trump is going to Washington: the business mogul will speak at the Conservative Action Political Conference (CPAC) this afternoon.

Congressional Republicans are not pleased with the EPA’s proposed rules about gas limits.

Cuomo asked the court system to trim its budget by ten percent, but the Office of Court Administration instead turned in a plan that asks for an overall increase of around two percent.

Barack Obama does not dye his hair. Adjust accordingly.

Egypt’s foreign minister is totally ticked off at Joe Biden.

Cuomo’s getting no love from Senate Republicans over his budget.

Could Cuomo and Bloomberg actually be working together on teacher layoffs?

More people are unhappy with Bloomberg, this time over pension reforms.

If a coalition is successful in getting a waiver revoked, Cathie Black will have to step down as schools chancellor because she has no educational experience.

Andrew “Steamroller” Cuomo will shut this state down if the budget doesn’t make the April 1 deadline. But not really.

More drama between public schools and the teachers union

Former State Senator Hiram Monserrate says he’s too broke to pay child support.

Cuomo wants to tap into school reserve funds. Not surprisingly, education groups don’t care for this idea.

Cuomo says he will push to try to legalize gay marriage this year.

  Morning Read: A Fit, Fun, Classy Guy