Morning Read: Bloomberg’s Flights and Lee’s Replacements

Bloomberg’s been tracked: flight records show how often he jets off to Bermuda, reigniting anger over December snowstorm debacle.  

WH’s budget projection expects the deficit to hit a whooping $1.6 trillion in 2012.

Cuomo’s DMV pick says she won’t double-dip on pension collection when she gets to her new gigs.

Two female candidates are lining up support to take Chris Lee’s old job.

While two state senators, George Maziarz and Joe Robach, officially ruled out a run.

In the meantime, his allies are mourning his leave.

The number of Manhattanites on food stamps jumped by 11% in 2009, totalling 3 million.

City Council continues to add voices to the Wal-Mart debate.

Teachers feel disrespected by Bloomberg’s attacks on seniority, claim bigger issues and tense relations than simply his most recent move.

40% of NY school superintendents make more than Cuomo does.

On Lincoln’s birthday, talk of how New York doesn’t have a Civil War committee.

A new tightening of the laws surrounding state judges and contributions they receive from lawyers will add some regulation to the courts.

Giuliani beats Koch, Dinkins and Cuomo to the altar, this time to conduct the ceremony.

Rep. Weiner is blasting Republicans for their cuts, claiming it will hurt “the Big Apple to the core.”

The City warns the remaining holdouts in the Willet’s Point eminent domain debate that their time is limited.

Analysis of dating site leads to conclusion that “the deeper into Brooklyn you go, the kinkier people get.”

A dozen couples got un-married in Central Park to protest the lack of gay marriage rights.


Morning Read: Bloomberg’s Flights and Lee’s Replacements