Morning Read: Egregious Demands, Clueless Senators and Unhappy Catholics

In Albany, Bloomberg challenged Cuomo over his budget’s implications for New York City.

Disaffected local officials had similar criticisms.

As did Catholic leaders, who say Catholic schools will have it worse than public schools.

Senior services could have it particularly bad in New York City, Bloomberg noted.

Bill Hammond thinks Bloomberg made some good points, and that lawmakers appeared “clueless” when questioning him.

If the Senate drags its feet on ethics reform, Cuomo is prepared to take the lead.

Peter King is recruiting Muslims to testify at his hearings on homegrown Islamic terrorism.

The Times applauded Cuomo’s prison-closing efforts, but warned it won’t be easy.

Embattled city councilman Larry Seabrook hasn’t been doing much legislating, Councilpedia shows.

Mayoral control could be on the horizon for Buffalo schools.

Less than half of New York high school graduates are prepared for college.

Many Senate Democrats have shed staff in becoming the minority.

Court of Appeals judges stay in lavish suites when in Albany.

And Bloomberg is employing some well-paid chefs at Gracie Mansion.

A Nassau County Republican is trying to block the takeover of the county’s budget, and Democras are trying to stop him.

Nassau’s financial woes have other counties feeling nervous.

A newly proposed Hudson Tunnel would be more expensive than the previous version.

Chuck Schumer is taking aim on road salt price gouging.

Micah Kellner op-eds for GAAP budgeting.

Morning Read: Egregious Demands, Clueless Senators and Unhappy Catholics